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START Maastricht

START Maastricht is a student association that was founded in 2023 by a group of motivated students at Maastricht University. They are open to any student from any university that wants to join our association or events. Maastricht University is the partner university of START Maastricht. START Maastricht is located in the region of Zuid Limburg. They want to leverage the expertise, skills, and ability that are present in the educational, industrial, and technological institutions in this area.

Through their globally connected START Network, they take their local connections and bring them out to the world. The START Network is a syndicate of 11 chapters from all over Europe that all share the same mission. START Network is an internationally positioned organisation whilst being locally anchored within European start-up hubs. This means it lays the ground for fostering and accelerating regional entrepreneurship ecosystems. On the societal level, their goal is to create a better understanding of tomorrow's technological changes and problems. A new generation of students grasping future opportunities is rising in the START Network. Together they want to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among European students.

START Maastricht is a growing entrepreneurial network. They are like-minded people that foster entrepreneurial thinking amongst each other. They seek to develop their knowledge and skills by learning with and from each other to get a head start. They create opportunities by bringing people together, organising events and actively connecting with external partners. Thanks to these opportunities, they gather input and expand their network. Their network depends on people that are consciously challenging the status quo! They bring these innovative minds together at the events that we organise.

As a member of START Maastricht, you do not need a concrete business idea or an entrepreneurial vita. There are only two ingredients necessary to become a member: Motivation & Curiosity. The rest you can learn! They make it their mission to gather the knowledge, the network, and everything else that may be necessary to develop their skills & their knowledge. In this way, they want to move towards a more entrepreneurial future.

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