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Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Welcome to the course Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. It is no coincidence that this course is named after one of the most significant journals in Entrepreneurship academia as this course aims to give you a solid foundation in the world of academic entrepreneurship. Every year at the Academy of Management conference entrepreneurship scholars from all over the world honor those papers which signify foundational milestones in entrepreneurship academia. We use a selection of these papers as the basis for the theory part of this course. As the course is called Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, we obviously will also spend quite a bit of time and effort in the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. Therefore in this course you will write a business plan on the idea of your choosing. The method we use for this business plan is called Disciplined Entrepreneurship; 24 steps to a successful start-up, and is developed and used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The reason for choosing this method is that it gives you a solid framework for writing a business plan while at the same introducing a number of checks and balances with which to evaluate and, if necessary, adapt your business proposal.

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