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Trots op Familiebedrijven

TOF is a project sponsored by the province of Limburg as well as the ministry of Economics affairs and aims to enhance the strategic, innovative and succession competencies of small family firms

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YUFE is the "Young Universities for the Future of Europe", an alliance of 10 universities with the aim of creating 1 European university. As CEI we contribute to this alliance by adding to their entrepreneurial course and project portfolio. 


Strategic Entrepreneurship

In companies that have been established for a while the risk is run that innovation, strategic awareness and entrepreneurial spirit take a back seat to the operational and day-to-day pressures of the organization. We offer an in-company training program adaptable to different layers within the organization to reinvigorate these competencies and anchor them once again in the organization. 

Team vergadering

Regio Parkstad International Deal

The focus of the International Deal in Regio Parkstad is to build strategic, innovative and internationalization competencies within SMEs. Given market opportunities on the other side of the (very close) border in that region firms could benefit from their proximity to the border and see it as an opportunity rather than a insurmountable barrier. 

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