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Tech Entrepreneurship

This course aims to help you understand the basics of technology entrepreneurship and how to turn a technical product into an operating business. In doing so, we will adopt a strongly entrepreneurial lens and draw from examples in entrepreneurial practice. The course is intended for students who want to leverage their science background in starting their own business, extend an existing business, or better understand the entrepreneur in technology entrepreneurship. Through a series of practice cases, readings, activities, and sessions with instructors and peers, you examine key topics including the economics of innovation, product development, business planning and strategy, intellectual property, and fundraising. Supported by two guest interviews, we will also examine the human aspects of innovation, specifically the role of location, team dynamics, roles, and female entrepreneurship. As an integral part of this course, you will develop both an informative case-study, as well as a startup idea or investment case for a general-purpose technology of your choice. The value and quality of this class depend critically on the quality and diversity of your discussion

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