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Bart Van Eekelen is the founder and manager at E-Pickr. He founded the company back in July 2021 while he was doing his Bachelor at Maastricht University. International Business at Maastricht University formed Bart van Eekelen's academic foundation. With multiple A's and a research thesis, he bid farewell to the Netherlands in 2022 to further pursue his "professional drift" at Harvard University. He is using his expertise to help e-commerce companies with product research and applying various analyses with automated data. The focus is on Dutch e-retailers selling on, Amazon or with their own webshop. According to him, the future of the Netherlands lies in the service and platform economy, and that future started yesterday.


E-Pickr helps e-commercers by making data from hundreds of products insightful with one click with our free product research tool. The E-Pickr product research tool shows you exactly which products sell best. Use data from more than 300 million products from Amazon's assortment and find the most profitable products to grow or start your e-commerce business.

The E-pickrproduct research tool is for all enterprising online retailers. Whether you are dropshipping, selling via Bol, an affiliate marketer, or an Amazon FBA member, E-Pickr tells you which products you can best sell and promote. E-Pickr is the first free software tool for E-commerce product research. Here you learn what to sell, where to buy inventory and multiple strategies, tips and advice for your e-tail business. Their software solution is based on academic data and algorithms developed under industry expert supervision. Know what to sell and make the highest profits with the largest sales volumes. E-Pickr believes that anyone can become a successful e-commerce business owner. They give you the data to make the right business decisions, and their partners will give you their knowledge in their fields (e.g., accountants, marketeers, website builders). Now all you must do is getting started! Step on the shoulders of giants and rely on big data to make your inventory and product investments as sure as possible!


E-pickr provides the support to make successful e-commerce more accessible, more straightforward and more secure for everyone. They believe that everyone can run a webshop or sell via Amazon or - as long as you have access to the right data.

1. Find profitable products in the Nichepickr with just a simple keyword

2. Verify the demand over time with the Salespickr

3. Check in the Sales Estimatr which other Market Places this product sells good

4. Calculate your expected profits and margins with the Calculatr

5. Find a supplier for your goods with the Alibaba Sourcr

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