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Sebastian Thinghøj Nyrup created Unshackled during his bachelor studies as an international business student at Maastricht University.


Unshackled is a start-up in the pre-seed round. They specialise in Raynaud's Syndrome and garments that lessen the symptoms of this syndrome. They are currently working together with the Total Support Group (TSG) to develop the best possible technologies to tackle this problem.

Raynaud's syndrome is a capillary disease most commonly occurring in females around the age of 18 and males around the age of 45. This capillary disease can cause extreme discomfort in the body's extremities, such as hands and feet when exposed to the cold. Around 20% of the world's population suffers from this syndrome, yet many have never heard of it. Why is that? This is because there is not much awareness around the subject. Most people get told to just live with it. This is where Unshackled comes into the picture. With our technologies, we help people with this syndrome to be able to truly "live without limits".


Unshackled are fixated on eliminating struggles that many people have through the use of technology. They specialise in Raynaud’s Syndrome and especially the symptoms that people experience thereof. They are looking to expand our technologies into other industries later. They follow the latest industry rules and regulations to ensure that we provide the best possible products for our customers. Unshackled believes that our products are helping a large amount of the population. Raynaud’s Syndrome affects 20% of our community, and they are proud to be able to make a difference.

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