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SaveStrike consists of 3 German co-founders. Jan Wedemeyer, Konrad Krappen and Anton Engelhardt. Jan is Managing Director; he handles everything to do with banking and compliance at SaveStrike and ensures with a lot of energy that your finances do not remain a boring triviality but are fun! Effectiveness and individuality are his top priorities. Konrad focuses on Product Development & Sales. Today online shopping should offer sustainable added value for end customers and companies. Konrad's focus is on developing benefits for both parties. Anton is responsible for the software development. As an enthusiastic computer scientist, he wants to enable people to take the step towards a conscious lifestyle with the help of a functional, simple and intuitive app. Security and reliability are the focus here.


SaveStrike is an app that organises your money to afford your favorite products and stay on top of your finances. Buying special products is fun, but you should never lose sight of your everyday expenses. With SaveStrike, you can easily plan your budget to make your lifestyle the way you want it.

The app will be split into four parts, each designed to make spending, saving and investing interconnected and straightforward. At its core, SaveStrike will provide always-on access to a current account and custody account in one app, alongside separate savings accounts.

SaveStrike Pay will provide all the usual current account functionality, including transfers, standing orders, QR code payments, ATM search and card settings. Users will also be able to track their individual savings goals with SaveStrike Goals. Each goal has an individual duration, savings rate, risk classification and target amount. SaveStrike Connect is the inspiration section of the app where users can gain insights into the shared goals of other users. Lastly, SaveStrike Me will provide users with their spending and transactional data, as well as their saving behaviours and progress towards their goals. Users can leverage transactional analytics to determine their personalised savings rate.


SaveStrike is intended to help users manage, extend, and rediscover their personal lifestyle. According to the company, shopping should no longer be impulsive, but rather deliberate. SaveStrike accomplishes this by connecting the savings process with specific items and relevant recommendations for every budget. SaveStrike's vision is to become the best finance app for consumption-oriented people between the ages of 18 and 39, by allowing customers to intuitively and continuously benefit from the returns on the capital market, while still focusing on the realisation of savings goals. SaveStrike believes that they can familiarise the younger generation with the capital market in a whole new way.

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