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Comfyhand was founded by Denise Nijhuis and Lorna James. Denise studies Health Sciences at Maastricht University and came up with the idea of Comfyhand during the Maastricht University Challenge where she met Co-founder Lorna. Denise combines her interest in health with her interest in business, bringing an analytical mind and knowledge about health and research to the team. Lorna, having stepped from teaching math’s in Oxfordshire secondary school into studying sustainability at Maastricht University, joined ComfyHand in its early days of the Challenge. She brings to the team first-hand experience of care work in elderly care homes, stakeholder engagement, knowledge of sustainability and a positive curious disposition.


In times of heightened levels of stress, anxiety or loneliness, physical and mental wellbeing can benefit from increased levels of care and comfort. Introducing the ComfyHand: A product that emulates the feeling of someone holding your hand. This increases feelings of comfort and support, and reduces feelings of stress, anxiety or loneliness.

"Emulating the experience of holding a hand in moments where real human contact is not possible."

They found inspiration from a Brazilian nurse who found a way to comfort patients in a covid-19 ward by using surgical gloves, filled with warm water, placed around the hand. Since then, the concept has been adopted and verified by diverse practitioners globally. One example: surgeon Arda Brink, who works in a Dutch peripheral hospital, uses it with her patients. But, the idea needs to be improved in order to make it accessible for all healthcare professionals. This is what ComfyHand is trying to achieve!


ComfyHand wants to provide healthcare professionals and patients with an easy to use, non-pharmaceutical product that offers support and comfort to the user. Right now, they are working together with partners such as TSG Group, Chillabs, Envida and MUMC+ on three projects with the goal: developing a minimum viable product.

Comfyhand is closely connected to Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool by working together with some of their students and through the Milestone programme at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Comfyhand wants to enter the market as fast possible. The sooner a ComfyHand exists, the sooner we can improve patients’ wellbeing!

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