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Renato Rogosic is the Founder of Flui.Go and is a science PhD researcher. He puts his becoming a scientist partially down to a good start in life. “My family has always been encouraging me and I’ve always had good professors in the STEM subjects, so I could follow my curiosity and discover. But often children can get a bit intimidated by chemistry, biology, maths, and physics… We wanted to enable them to develop a passion for science in a playful way.” Benjamin Heidt is Co-Founder at Flui.Go. The rest of the Flui.Go team consists of Renée -Claire Belting who oversees business development and Juliette Passariello who is team leader of 5 other students who all oversee the scientific development at Flui.Go.


A science toy kit that breaks the barriers of traditional learning methods. Let your child experience science first-hand, get passionate and discover the world of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology...the possibilities with Flui.Go kit are countless. Flui.Go Science relies on “Meaningful Play”, an open-ended play system where pupils can explore science through an educational toy-kit consisting of modular blocks with channels and chambers. Pupils can perform experiments and the kit accommodates many experimental protocols to teach various basic and advanced phenomena from different scientific fields.

At the heart of the concept are special 'building blocks' containing minuscule channels of fluid. By stacking and building, the channels are connected to each other. Once you're done building, you can flush different liquids through the channels and discover the world of biology, physics, and chemistry in a playful manner. In addition to the blocks, the Flui.Go science kit contains a manual with visual illustrations and varied tasks, and a solution book for the teacher or supervisor. After all, it is the teacher's or supervisor's job to steer the experimental learning process and explain to the child what is happening and why.


The situation at the beginning of 2021: the concept is being tested at primary schools with children aged eight to ten. The first results are extremely positive, the team has been expanded, and there are numerous new ideas based on the same concept. A new investor is currently being sought to finance the next step.

Flui.Go Science had been selected as one of the two startups representing UM in the StageTwo Competition. StageTwo is the first pan-European competition for the best startups spinning out of leading European universities. The team started a pilot programme with 26 schools across Limburg. The toolkits should be in classrooms at the beginning of 2022.

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